Best Time to Visit Mustang - 52 Places to Go in 2024 by New York Times.

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The best time to visit Mustang is during the Autumn season (September to October). 

The temperature is mildly warm during the Autumn season enabling a smooth journey to Mustang. The skies are also clearer in Autumn to view mountains such as Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri, Tilitso, etc. 

In general, all the seasons except the Winter are great for visiting Mustang but Autumn is the season we recommend you to visit Mustang. 

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Weather and Temperature 

Visit Mustang in Winter 

Winter (December to February) is the least preferred season to visit Mustang. Winter season in Mustang is difficult as the temperature goes below freezing point and the trails are covered with snow which makes trekking and traveling difficult. Most residents of Mustang move to lower altitudes during the winter to avoid the extreme living conditions. The temperature goes beyond - 20 Celsius in Mustang during the Winter. 

Visit Mustang in Spring 

Spring (March to May) is a great time to visit Mustang due to the mild climate and natural beauty you can view. You can also enjoy the leftover snow from winter in this season. The temperature in Mustang during the Spring season ranges between 16 - 20 Celsius which is great for trekking. Additionally, if you are traveling to Mustang in May, you can also get to enjoy the Tiji festival. Participating in such festivals lets you experience various rituals and traditions. 

Visit Mustang in the Summer 

The Summer season (June to August) is also a favorable time to visit Mustang. Since the days are longer during the summer season, you can trek for a longer time and spend more time enjoying the scenery. You would worry about the rain when talking about summer, but Mustang does not receive as high rainfall as other parts of Nepal. The scenery is also quite clear in this season. The temperature is hot during the way rising to 28 Celsius while the nights are cooler but not too cold. 

Visit Mustang in Autumn 

As mentioned above, the Autumn season is the best time to visit Mustang. It is the peak time to visit Mustang. You will see an abundant number of visitors during this time of the year. The temperature ranges between 16 - 22 Celsius during Autumn in Mustang. This is a suitable temperature for trekking. We recommend pre-booking your accommodation if you’re planning to visit Mustang during Autumn. 

About Mustang 

Mustang is one of the remote districts of Gandaki Province in Nepal. It is a popular tourist destination for its remoteness, history, and influence of Tibetan culture. In Tibetan, “Mustang” means “Plain of Aspiration”. Mustang because of its preserved rich history and unique culture is listed as one of the 52 Places to Go in 2024 by the New York Times


Mustang is located in the Central-Northern part of Nepal bordering China. It is bordered by the Tibetan plateau on the North, Manang district on the East, Dolpa on the West, and Myagdi on the South. The entire district of Mustang is at a high altitude. The average altitude in Mustang is 4023 meters. The highest point in this district is atop Mount Dhaulagiri at 8167 meters. 

Mustang is divided into two regions: Upper Mustang and Lower Mustang. The Upper Mustang was a restricted region till 1992. It remains one of the most preserved regions in the world. 


The district of Mustang was Kingdon of Lo Manthang until it joined the Federation of Nepal in 2008. It is believed to have been a part of the Ngari region previously, however, there aren’t any conclusive records. 

The most recently known history of Mustang is that it was captured by the Mallas in the 14th century. In the latter half of the 14th century, most precisely in 1380, the district of Mustang became an independent kingdom under Ame Pal. In the coming years, Mustang became an important passage for trade between India and Tibet. Later in the 18th century, Mustang was annexed by Nepal when Prithvi Narayan Shah unified Nepal. 

Later in the 1950s and 1960s, Mustang became the center for Tibetan rebels after China annexed Tibet. Many incidents occurred around this event in Mustang. Now, it is a tourist destination welcoming thousands of tourists annually. It is a big part of the tourism economy of Nepal. 


  1. Do Nepalese need a permit to visit Upper Mustang? 
    Yes. In addition to the Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP) and Trekkers' Information Management System (TIMS), you will also require a special Restricted area permit to visit Upper Mustang. 
  2. How much does it cost to visit Mustang for Nepalese? 
    The cost of visiting Mustang mainly depends on the transportation you choose. By public transportation, visiting Mustang can cost around NPR 12000. Any other means will cost more than this. 
  3. What is Mustang famous for? 
    Mustang is popular for its fabulous views of mountains, Tibetan culture, and mystery. As the Upper Mustang region was a restricted area before 1992, we do not know enough about the region. 
  4. Why is the Upper Mustang restricted? 
    Upper Mustang is a restricted area for many reasons such as Border reasons, Archeological importance, and because it is the last Buddhist Kingdom of Nepal. 

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