Welcome to Guru Travels

Guru Travels Limited is the first publicly traded company in the travel industry in Nepal. We intend to lead the sector by employing a system, technology, and transparent approach. Guru Travels is the top ticket vendor for all key domestic and foreign airlines. Train tickets, domestic and international hotel bookings (at more than 100,000 hotels globally), domestic and international car rentals, and meeting and conference-related services are just a few of the additional travel-related services provided by the organization.

We have a dedicated team, especially for our customer so that they can get prompt service at any time. Our team members will consider all their specific needs, be it professional or personal, and will provide them with a set of alternative options and recommendations so that our valued customers can make the best, most informed decision. Our team will also be there to assist the customers with all travel-related issues and emergencies such as flight cancellations, lost baggage, and refunds. 

Our Story

On April 21, 2022, Guru Travels Public Limited was formally established with a vision to be a leading Travel company in Nepal by providing a platform of world-class facility to everyone by its experienced management team. Thus, it quickly expanded to take the top spot among travel agencies in Nepal. Leading national and international institutions in Nepal are among GTL's corporate clientele. This exemplifies GTL's capacity to continually provide first-rate service.

Our Mission

Guru Travels Limited is Brand as  the #1st Public Limited Travel Company in Nepal. Our mission is to be a First rated company for Customers, Shareholders & Employees.