भिजिट भिसाबारे नयाँ कार्यविधि, तोकियो अनिवार्य कागजात र शर्त.

calender-icon 24 January 2024

The government has recently introduced new guidelines regarding the essential documentation for individuals traveling abroad on visit visas and tourist visas. The decision, issued on the 26th of Falgun, 2078, by the former Home Secretary Teknarayan Paudel, which emphasized the simplification of travel on visit visas, has been rescinded, bringing clarity to the required documents and conditions.

Rudra Singh Tamang, the Director General of the Immigration Department, commented, "The previous decision lacked clarity on various aspects, leading to confusion. The current provision ensures that fundamental conditions are met for those embarking on foreign travel with visit visas."

Effective from the 10th of Magh, the Immigration Department has mandated a minimum validity period of six months for visit visas. The Director General emphasized the need for possessing the appropriate visa for the destination country and, if on-arrival visa is not available, obtaining prior approval from the Department.

To secure permission for foreign travel on a visit visa, round-trip (departure and arrival) air tickets are mandatory. Additionally, proof of hotel booking for the entire duration of the stay or evidence of staying with a relative must be provided within three pages of the passport.

Government or non-government invitation letters covering all travel expenses or, in their absence, a cash equivalent of at least USD 500 or its equivalent in cash or debit/credit card is also a mandatory requirement.

For individuals traveling on visit visas to the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, and Saudi Arabia, a self-declaration form must be completed.

These revised guidelines aim to bring clarity and coherence to the process for individuals traveling on visit visas, ensuring adherence to necessary conditions.


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