How To Survive Long Haul Flights Like A Pro?.

man-icon Guru Travels calender-icon 03 August 2022

Seven-Eight hours in an aircraft cabin might sound like your worst nightmare but flying a long haul can be a bit easy with a little preparation. Follow our 10 survival tips for long flights to emerge fresh, relaxed and ready to start your holiday when you reach the destination; 


#1. Choosing A Good Airline

With so many airlines in the business, choosing the good airlines is a task. There is definitely a difference between a good long- haul airline and a bad one. Do some research before we book the flight.

There are so many airlines where you can check the review. Compare the things like leg-room measurements, plane food and other aspects that might ease the duration of your flight. 


#2. Book Your Tickets Early

The earlier you book the better you get not just in terms of the fare but you can grab your favorite seat as well – it’s that simple. 


#3. Get A Good Seat

No seat in economy is great but some seats might be better than others. Make sure you get your seat assigned as soon as confirm your flight. Try not to get stuck in the middle seat. 


#4. Check In Early

Stop stressing yourself to miss out the flights on your way through a busy airport or miss a flight. 


#5. Dress Comfortably

Just go for the clothes that you’ll be comfortable wearing. Make sure you choose the loose fitting clothes along with a slip on shoes. Dress in layer so that you can adjust to the airplane temperatures. 


#6. Prepare Yourself For Sleep

The number one way to survive a long flight is to sleep through most of the flight. I recommend bringing either earplugs or noise cancelling headphones to block out noise and help you sleep, eye masks and a neck travel pillow. Finally, slip in some basic hand luggage sized toothbrush and toothpaste, and you’ll feel that bit fresher when you land. 


#7. Download Some Good Movies

Get your in-flight entertainment ready before hand. Entertainment systems are not always reliable. 


#8. Don’t Overpack

There’s nothing more hectic than carrying the big suitcase and strolling through the airport in the hurry. Keep the essentials in your personal item so they are always within your reach. 

#9. Stay Hydrated

Aircraft cabins are often very dry places and the chances of becoming dehydrated are high. One of the top travel tips for long flights is to drink a lot of water. Consider avoiding or limiting caffeine and alcoholic drinks as they tends to dehydrate you. 


#10. Meeting New People

Flights are a great opportunity to meet new people from all around the globe. Every people has their own reason for travelling, so why not interact and get to own their stories.

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