Best Things to Do & Places to Visit in Pattaya.

calender-icon 10 November 2023

Pattaya is a major tourist destination in Thailand attracting thousands of tourists every year. Here’s a guide from Guru Travels informing about 7 things to do and 6 places to visit in Pattaya:

7 Things to Do in Pattaya 

Pattaya is a vibrant city in Thailand situated in eastern Thailand. Pattaya is the eighth-largest city in Thailand and the second-largest city in the Chonburi province. Pattaya is well-known for many things to do in Pattaya and many landmarks that attract thousands of tourists each year. Pattaya offers many adventure sports, historical and traditional landmarks, and booming beaches. If you’re planning a Thailand tour soon, Pattaya must be on your itinerary. 

Here, we have listed some of the popular things to do in Pattaya:

  1. Water Sports
  2. City Tour
  3. Try Thai Foods
  4. Shopping 
  5. Party in the Nightlife of Pattaya
  6. Watch Theatre Shows
  7. Nature and Wildlife Exploration 

1. Water Sports 

Pattaya is widely popular for water sports. Water sports such as Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Flyboarding, Kite Surfing, Jet Skiing, Parasailing, etc. are all available in Pattaya, Thailand. There are many beaches in Pattaya where you can try these water sports. From calm and soothing water sports to high-adventure water sports, you can have them all at Pattaya. 

2. City Tour 

A detailed city tour of Pattaya takes you to popular tourist destinations like Wat Phra Yai (Big Buddha Temple), Pattaya View Point, Mini Siam, Pattaya Gems Gallery, Pattaya Floating Market, Wat Yansangwararam and many more. You get to explore the history of the city of Pattaya through a city tour and familiarize yourself with their lifestyles. You can get souvenirs and try unique dishes as well. Guided city tours are easily available in Pattaya. 

3. Try Thai Food 

Foods in Thailand are some of the most unique foods you’ll ever try. You can find both types of foods in Pattaya: street food and high-end restaurant food. Both are unique and give your taste buds something to remember. Some dishes we recommend you try are Tom Yum Goong, Pad Thai, Kai Jeow, and Satay. 

4. Shopping 

Pattaya is a great place for shopping due to the abundance of malls along with low-end markets. You can find branded products as well as locally made products in Pattaya. You can shop for clothes, jewelry, handicrafts, cosmetics, herbs, food seasonings, etc. in Pattaya. Terminal 21 Pattaya, Pattaya Floating Market, Outlet Mall Pattaya, etc. are some popular shopping locations in Pattaya. 

5. Party in the Nightlife of Pattaya 

Pattaya is packed with many great nightclubs and restaurants that are open till late at night. Some restaurants and bars are open till early morning with musical performances or open mic or karaoke. Nightclubs are always rocking with great parties. Beach parties are also frequent and amazing in Pattaya. 

6. Watch Theatre Shows 

Theatre shows are common in Pattaya with many outstanding plays. Tiffany’s Show Pattaya. Alcazar Cabaret Show and Pattaya Colosseum Cabaret Show are some of the most popular theatre shows you can watch. 

7. Nature and Wildlife Exploration 

If you’re looking for natural exploration in Pattaya, you can opt for various nature and wildlife exploration activities that are easily available. You can visit the Pattaya Elephant Village where you can watch, feed, and ride elephants. Or, you can visit Chang Siam Park where you can watch Tigers and their ways of life. You can get elephant rides in Chang Siam Park as well. You can also go fishing at Jomtien Fishing Park. It is a large fishing ground to experience the fun of fishing. 

6 Places to Visit in Pattaya 

Certainly, there are many things to do in Pattaya that are fun and entertaining. Whilst you are on it, there are some places you might miss. Here’s a list of places to visit in Pattaya, Thailand: 

  1. Sanctuary of Truth
  2. Coral Island
  3. Pattaya Floating Market
  4. Nong Nooch Tropical Garden
  5. Ramayana Water Park
  6. Pattaya View Point 

1. Sanctuary of Truth 

The Sanctuary of Truth stands out as a top preference for tourists who relish discovering and exploring timeless landmarks. This ancient temple, crafted in wood-style architecture, beautifully portrays the essence of human civilization and the philosophy of life. The intricate and delicate details of the carvings in the Sanctuary of Truth showcase a blend of traditional Thai, Khmer, Chinese, and Hindu artistic influences. 

2. Coral Island of Pattaya (Koh Larn) 

A Coral Island is such a tropical island made of organic materials from skeletons and detritus of corals and other plants and animals closely associated with corals. The Coral Islands of Pattaya is one of them. It is widely famous for water sports and calm beaches. You can try various water sports or just enjoy the amazing food and drink while relaxing on the beach. Coral Island is only 45 minutes of boat ride away from Pattaya and is one of the most popular attractions in Pattaya. 

3. Pattaya Floating Market (Four Regions Floating Market) 

The Pattaya Floating Market is a popular riverside attraction that showcases the ancient and charming Thai riverside living and authentic ways of life. There are more than 400 boats and shop vendors that are welcoming with various foods, gift items, clothes, jewelry, and many more artifacts. The market usually is packed with tourists due to its popularity. 

4. Nong Nooch Tropical Garden 

The Nong Nooch Tropical Garden stands as a leading destination for tourists seeking the exquisite beauty of Thailand's flowers and landscapes. Spanning over 200 hectares of area, this magnificent garden draws inspiration from 17th-century French garden design. It also features a remarkable recreation of the iconic Stonehenge from the UK. Without a doubt, it is one of the most mesmerizing man-made places in the world for visitors to immerse themselves in its breathtaking surroundings. 

5. Ramayana Water Park 

The Ramayana Water Park is great for water-based sports for all adventure levels. You can hang out poolside and chill or you can take the slides for an adventure. You can choose from 4 adventure levels. The entire park consists of trees and plants giving a natural vibe whilst providing various fun activities. 

6. Pattaya View Point 

The Pattaya View Point is one of the must-visit places in Pattaya. The viewpoint gives a beautiful view of the city and the sea. The viewpoint is open from 7:30 AM to 9 PM at night. It is the most crowded during the sunset. The viewpoint is easily accessible from any part of the city. 


There you have it. A list of things to do and places to visit in Pattaya. Be sure to refer to this list before you plan a trip to Thailand. 

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