How to Pick Right Travel Agency.

calender-icon 03 July 2023

You’ve spent a good amount of time managing your leaves and work responsibilities or academic responsibilities for this vacation. Then what happens, is that the travel agent you are working with is not able to meet your expectations and manage the trip the way you wanted. 

Whose fault is it? Definitely theirs but partly yours too. You did not research travel agencies enough to find the best one for you. 

Why Guru Travels Limited?

Guru Travels Limited is one of Nepal’s finest travel agencies with a team of trained and experienced professionals to cater to your travel needs. We provide a detailed travel plan with proper communication and alternative plans if something unforeseen occurs. 

We are legally registered in Nepal under constitutional laws and accredited with many awards. We are acknowledged by various associations governing travel and tourism in Nepal, such as TAAN (Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal), NRB (Nepal Rastriya Bank), Valley Tourism Office, and many more. 

Guru Travels is Nepal’s leading ticketing vendor for domestic and international flights at the lowest prices possible. Our close relationship with airline companies and other ticketing service providers makes us your best choice to book flights. 

Hotels booking is a significant headache when planning a trip yourself. But, we have it covered too. We are associated with more than 100,000 hotels globally. You can select the most suitable hotels based on your needs and budget with us. We also provide other booking services like conference hall booking, car and vehicle rentals, shuttle services, private drivers, etc. 

Transparency and Communication are key for any travel. You expect to get informed of the itinerary, including and excluding, flight dates, accommodation, etc. timely so that you can start your packing and preparations. We also do not add hidden fees. Transparency and Communication are our biggest strengths at Guru Travels Limited. 

Surely, there are many credible travel agencies in Nepal. Guru Travels Limited is one of them providing quality services to both local and international tourists without compromising on quality. 

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