Top 9 Amazing Things To Do In Pokhara.

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Pokhara, A cozy city in Nepal, is adjacent to the Himalayan Alps. From here, you can go on a variety of stunning and strenuous treks. ranging from multi-day climbs to shorter day hikes, including those in the Poon Hill or Annapurna mountains. Pokhara is renowned for its numerous yoga retreats as well as its stunning Pokhara Lake, also called Phewa Lake.

You can discover information on Pokhara's attractions, a map of the city in Nepal, as well as information about the best times to visit Pokhara in this blog. Finally, you may learn about how to go to Pokhara in this travel guide

At the base of the Himalayas and on the shores of the stunning Phewa Lake, Pokhara is situated in the middle of Nepal. Despite being the second-largest city in Nepal, it is a nice city and has a homey atmosphere. The finest base for tourists in Pokhara is the section of the city that sits located on Phewa Lake.

You have a stunning view of the Himalayan mountains from here (weather allowed). Hiking in the Himalayas for several days is a well-liked pastime from Pokhara. Pokhara is also teeming with classy eateries, bars, and coffee shops. It is the ideal city to unwind and eat well before or after a strenuous walk because of its pleasant atmosphere.

#1. World Peace Pagoda Tour And Boat Ride On Phewa Lake

The second-largest lake in Nepal, Phewa Lake, popularly known as Pokhara Lake, is where Pokhara is situated. This freshwater lake, surrounded by hills and mountains, is the perfect location for a relaxing boat ride. You can take a boat or rent a kayak from one of Pokhara's many little ports to get around the lake.


Taking a boat across Phewa Lake is a common pastime from which you may ascend in an hour to the starkly white World Peace Pagoda. This Buddhist temple, which was constructed following World War II, stands for international peace.

Despite the steep ascent, the pagoda at the top of the hill offers stunning views of Phewa Lake and the mountains in the distance.

#2. Hiking Or Mountain Climbing

Pokhara serves as the starting point for several stunning walks, including the Annapurna Circuit, Poon Hill, and the Annapurna Base Camp Trek.

All hikers can participate in these excursions. For instance, the Poon Hill walk is ideal for beginners.

However, Pokhara will also satisfy seasoned mountain climbers. Mountains like Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri, Himalchuli, and Machapuchare (Fishtail) can be found close to Pokhara and are sure to be difficult to climb. 

Additionally, Pokhara itself has several lovely walks that you can take.

#3. From Sarangkot, Enjoy The Sunrise.

Just outside Pokhara's city limits is the Sarangkot mountain. From here, you can see Phewa Lake, Pokhara, and, if you're lucky, the snow-capped peak of Fishtail on the Machapuchrre mountain.

If it is not cloudy, this site is ideal for viewing a sunrise. Sarangkot can be reached by taking an upstairs taxi. A three-hour trip to the top of Sarangkot is also a fantastic warm-up for longer hikes if you enjoy a lovely walk.

#4. Practicing Yoga In Pokhara

Yoga is practiced in Pokhara, Nepal. There are numerous yoga schools where you may take classes in the center, but there are also numerous yoga retreats. You will participate in daily yoga classes, learn how to meditate, and share meals as a group during this multi-day retreat.

#5. Massage Your Sore Muscles

Have you recently completed a multiday trek? Then we’re sure you have the requisite muscle ache and are pretty stiff. Nothing beats a relaxing massage where you can feel the vitality returning to your achy limbs.

#6. Go To The Serene Begnas Lake (Begnas Lake Or Begnas Tal)

Are you seeking a location that is a little more serene than the lake in Pokhara? Then think about spending the afternoon in Begnas Lake, also called Begnas Tal. In a cab, you may travel the 10 kilometers to this lovely lake from Pokhara.

The unique aspect of this location is that while being close to the crowded and well-liked Pokhara, few people visit. a nice location to view real Nepal. There are a few tiny towns and cottages near the lake, and the area is a great place to go hiking. The significantly smaller Rupa Lake is located next to Begnas Lake (Rupa Tal).

#7. Enjoy Some Delectable Meal And A well-Earned Beverage

You can eat so well in Pokhara! From vegan restaurants with particular vegan dishes to Italian-style pizza and spaghetti, Australian brunches, Israeli falafel, and German bread! It is quite great to indulge in new foods and a bottle of wine or a cool beer after a multi-day walk where you primarily eat dal bath for days on end.

#8. Visit The Outdoor Movie Theater

An outdoor garden is situated on a tiny hill with a view of Pokhara Lake in the distance. In addition to free popcorn and excellent pizzas being provided, there are candles all over the place.

You can have a cozy and romantic movie-going experience every night in Pokhara's north at the Movie Garden. Pictures that have been shot frequently are classics or films that have been in theaters for a while.

#9. Go rafting Or Paragliding Close To Pokhara To Satisfy Your Need Of Adrenaline

Do you depend on adrenaline? So you have no chance of winning in Pokhara. You can enjoy fantastic paragliding nearby with a view of the Himalayas and Pokhara Lake. The common starting point is Mount Sarangkot.

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