11 Must-Try Foods in Dubai.

calender-icon 18 March 2024
  1. Al Harees 
  2. Margoogat 
  3. Majboos or Kabsa (Machboos)
  4. Oozie 
  5. Khubz 
  6. Shish Tawook 
  7. Manousheh 
  8. Shawarma 
  9. Hummus 
  10. Iranian Sangak
  11. Chelo Kabab 
  12. Kallej 
  13. Knafeh 
  14. Mahalabiya 
  15. Luqaimat 

1. Al Harees 

Al Harees is a traditional dish in Dubai and the Middle East, particularly in the Persian Gulf region. Al Harees is a delicious dish made by slow-cooking wheat, meat, and various spice ingredients. It is an important part of Dubai’s cuisine, especially during Ramadan and Eid. It is prepared by slow-cooking soaked wheat and meat with some fat inside a pot, called harees, or a pressure cooker for several hours.  The wheat is soaked for about 12 hours before cooking. It is cooked until it reaches a creamy consistency similar to a porridge. 

2. Margoogat 

Margoogat is a stew dish made by using tomato with a type of meat mostly chicken or lamb. It is also made vegetarian using potatoes, however, the meat one is the traditional one. The amazing taste of this dish comes from the use of the spice combination consisting of cumin, cinnamon, cardamom, turmeric, chili, coriander, etc. Margoogat is strongly associated with Ramadan as a dish used to break the daily fast (iftar). It is easily found in most restaurants in Dubai. 

3. Majboos or Kabsa (Machboos) 

Majboos or Machboos is a dish similar to a Persian Biryani. Majboos is a rice dish prepared with a type of meat using various spice ingredients. Mostly, lamb, chicken, or shrimp are used when making Majboos. The major difference between Majboos and Biryani is that the meat is cooked in the broth of the meat which gives the rice an amazing taste and aroma. Majboos is also a popular iftar dish during Ramadan. 

4. Khubz 

Khubz is a simple yet tasty dish you can try in Dubai. Khubz is a whole wheat flatbread with a texture similar to naan bread. It is best eaten with dips like hummus or mutubal (an aubergine dip). A freshly baked Khubz is the best snack you can try in Dubai. Many bakeries in Dubai let you watch the process through a glass window ensuring the freshness of the Khubz. 

5. Shish Tawook 

Shish Tawook is a traditional kebab dish available in Dubai for you to try. It is best eaten as a sandwich but eating it straight off the stick is also great. It is mostly made of chicken marinated with spices, yogurt, and other ingredients like lemon juice, pepper, chili, etc. 

6. Manousheh 

Manousheh is often considered the Pizza of Dubai. It is a stretched bread cooked with Akkawi cheese, herbs, olive oil, and meat. It is a popular breakfast dish in Dubai. It is often paired with jams, hummus, and stews for fantastic taste. You can customize it with a variety of toppings and meat options. 

7. Shawarma 

Shawarma is a popular street food in Dubai. It has been in the Middle East since the 17th century. This famous dish consists of a cone-shaped flatbread stuffed with meat, veggies, spices, hummus, and other ingredients. The meat in the Shawarma is prepared by slow-roasting meat that’s stacked on a spit. The slices are shaved off to put inside the Shawarma. Chicken, turkey, beef, and veal are among Shawarma's most preferred meat choices. 

8. Iranian Sangak 

Iranian Sangak is a unique flatbread dish popularly eaten in Dubai. The dough of this bread is baked over small, rectangular pebbles inside a special oven. The pebbles are called Sangak which contributes to the dish’s name. The dough uses wheat flour, yeast, water, herbs, and salt. Finally, it is brushed with olive oil or butter before serving. Like Khubz, it is best if you eat this bread dish freshly baked. 

9. Knafeh 

Knafeh is a pastry-like dessert popular in Dubai originating from Palestine. It has become a major part of Ramadan to eat after sundown to break the fast. It is made from sour cheese, flour dough, and sugar syrup. The outer is crispy while the inner is smooth due to cheese filling. Sometimes custard is also used as the filling. The dish is soaked in sugar syrup which adds a layer of sweetness. 

10. Mahalabiya 

Mahalabiya is a thick pudding-based dessert dish made using milk and rosewater in Dubai. It is usually enjoyed chilled and topped with cashews, or pistachios before eating. The thickness is achieved by adding the right amount of cornstarch or rice flour. Variations of this dish may use honey, or orange blossom water to taste slightly different. 

11. Luqaimat 

Luqaimat is a sweet dish made by deep-frying small balls from a special batter. The batter is made by mixing several ingredients like butter, milk, saffron, sugar, cardamom, pistachio, etc. Before serving, Luqaimat is generally drizzled with honey or date syrup, and sesame seeds are sprinkled for added taste. 

Cost of Food in Dubai 

Dubai is a luxurious city known for its magnificent hotels, towers, shopping malls, beaches, and many more. Due to its splendor and magnificence, the cost of food in Dubai is a bit higher than you’d expect. Most food items mentioned above cost in the range of AED 50 to AED 150 which in NPR is 1800 to 5500. 

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