A Memorable Tour from Kathmandu to Village Highland Resort.

man-icon Guru Travels Limited calender-icon 06 September 2023

On July 29th, 2023 (Saturday), the Guru Travels Limited organized a tour from Kathmandu to Village Highland Resort. We gathered at Guru Travel Office complex sharp at 7:00 a.m. and departed at 8:00 a.m. with all the team members of Guru Travels Limited. Some people have the same route so they stay at the station and we pick them up.

As the convoy of excited employees sets off from the heart of Kathmandu, the journey quickly becomes an escape from the concrete jungle to the lush greenery and cool mountain air. The winding roads, with their panoramic views of rolling hills and terraced fields, serve as a prelude to what lies ahead. The anticipation is palpable, as colleagues chat and laugh, leaving behind office talk and deadlines, embracing the spirit of exploration.

The itinerary is a mix of relaxation and engaging activities that allow employees to reconnect with nature and each other. Nature walks through the surrounding hills provide an opportunity to immerse in the beauty of the landscape. More fun happens when we have plugged in the music and all the get-togethers and dance and played Musical chairs where the winner gets exciting prizes.

During our enjoyable tour, we have a fun photo session to capture the beautiful moments of our journey, creating lasting memories together. Also, we'll get to relish a delicious lunch, sharing tasty meals and strengthening our friendships. After returning from the resort we visited a unique aspect of this journey, Pilot Baba for some time where we visited Shiva’s Temple and snapped some pictures

The company tour from Kathmandu to Village Highland Resort is not just a getaway; it's an opportunity to disconnect from the chaos of urban life and rediscover the beauty of simplicity. It's a chance to bond with colleagues on a deeper level, all while immersing in the splendor of nature and the authenticity of local culture. The memories made during this tour will continue to inspire and uplift, serving as a reminder that sometimes, the best way to move forward is to step back and embrace the peacefulness that surrounds us. Invest On Travelling.

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