6 Places to Visit and Things to Do in Thailand.

calender-icon 25 May 2023

Since you’re looking for the best places to visit in Thailand, save this checklist to cover all about Thailand. From exploring historical sites to relaxing on calm beaches to adventure sports, Thailand has a lot to offer. You can also take a spiritual tour and discover your inner peace with powerful meditation retreats in Thailand. A tour to Thailand is certainly something you will not regret. Thailand is so rich in the variety and abundance of places to visit.

Here are some of the most popular places to visit in Thailand: 

  1. Bangkok 
  2. Pattaya 
  3. Phuket 
  4. Ayutthaya 
  5. Kanchanaburi 
  6. Sukhothai 

1. Bangkok 

Bangkok undoubtedly tops the list of places to visit in Thailand due to a variety of reasons. Firstly, it is the capital city of Thailand and is a trade center. Markets in Bangkok are popular worldwide and attract thousands of tourists on a regular basis. 


The markets in Bangkok are special. There are weekend markets like Chatuchak Weekend Market which remain closed through the week and only open on weekends. Likewise, there is a floating market called Damnoen Saduak Floating Market in which vendors sell vegetables, fruits, flowers, decoration items, and many more on their special wooden boats. China Town is popular around the world for the endless number of stalls and shops to buy charming souvenirs. Other markets that you can explore are Asiatique Market, Pak Khlong Talat (Flower Market) and Train Night Market. 

Image: Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Monuments and Museums 

Bangkok is also home to a number of monuments and museums.

The Grand Palace is a popular royal palace of the eighteenth century. Currently a museum, it is one of the most popular monuments in Bangkok. It is beautifully designed with decorated halls, courtyards, pavilions, large gardens, and lawns.

Inside Wat Pho, you can find a huge 46-meter-long statue of Lord Buddha. Wat Pho is one of the largest temple complexes in Bangkok. You can find many big and small statues of Lord Buddha collected from various parts of the world here. The calming environment of the place relieves your stress revitalizing your mind and body. If the surrounding is not enough for you, take an enjoyable massage in this temple. 

Wat Arun is a famous Buddhist temple in Bangkok. Located along the river Chao Phraya, Wat Arun is popular for the central Prang (tower) which is 82 meters high, an Ordition Hall, the Bell Tower, and numerous statues of Buddha. The name, Wat Arun comes from the Hindu sun god: “Aruna”. 

Image: Wat Arun

Continuing with religious places, Golden Mount Temple is a popular Buddhist temple. Situated at the top of a hill, it offers a panoramic view of the city in addition to the serene beauty and calmness it offers. 

The Victory Monument and Democracy Monument are important monuments remembering the history of Thailand. 

2. Pattaya 

Pattaya is the most popular seaside city in Thailand. Pattaya, also known as the Hawaii of the East, is popular for glamorous nightlife and water activities. Located about 200 km from the capital city, Bangkok, Pattaya is also known for malls, shopping centers, and markets. 

Water Sports 

Pattaya is extremely popular for water sports like water skiing, parasailing, jet skiing, diving, and many more. 

Scuba Diving is probably the most popular water sport available in Pattaya. There are many scuba diving sites around the Coral Island of Pattaya. Get your goggles and flippers ready to dive into the sparkling blue waters!

Image: Scuba Diving 

Jet Skiing is another loved water sport in Pattaya. Jet Skiing is loved as it gives a rare super-cool feeling of riding a bike on water. Another super-cool water sport to experience in Pattaya is definitely the underwater sea walk. Surrounded by groups of brightly colored fish and exploring the marine world, you will be mesmerized by the experience. Other popular water sports in Pattaya include Snorkeling, Flyboarding, Kite Surfing, and Wake Boarding.

If you’re not an adventure seeker, you can relax at the beach sipping your favorite drinks. 

Image: Jet Skiing


The nightlife of Pattaya is also quite popular due to crazy clubs, dance bars, and karaoke stations. Parties go late and wild in Pattaya. It is one of the main reasons people choose Pattaya as a travel destination. The Walking Street is widely popular for its nightlife and trendy shops and restaurants during the day. 

Sanctuary of Truth 

For tourists that enjoy exploring classic monuments, Sanctuary of Truth is one of the most-preferred destinations: an ancient wood-style temple that depicts human civilization and philosophy of life. 

Image: Sanctuary of Truth

Floating Market 

Similar to that in Bangkok, you can get to visit the floating market in Pattaya as well. The Four Regions Floating Market, commonly known as Pattaya Floating Market, is popular for souvenirs, handicrafts, clothes, food items, and creative postcards. 

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden 

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden in Pattaya is a major attraction to view the most beautiful flowers and landscapes in Thailand. The development and maintenance team behind this magnificent garden has won multiple back-to-back awards for their incredible work. The garden reflects 17th-century French gardens and the recreation of Stonehenge from the UK. The garden is over 200 hectares in area and is one of the most beautiful places in the world. 

Image: Nong Nooch Tropical Garden

3. Phuket 

Phuket is a popular destination in Thailand as the island is home to fabulous beaches, natural and man-made scenery, night markets, and many exciting activities. 

Phang Nga Bay 

Exploring Phang Nga Bay is one of the best things to do in Phuket. The incredible scenery you see during this boat trip to Phang Nga Bay is a great relaxing and enjoyable experience. Other popular boat trips from Phuket are to Phi Phi Island and James Bond Island. 

Image: Phang Nga Bay

Old Phuket Town 

Moving away from boat trips, another major place to visit in Phuket is Old Phuket town. The old mansions and colonial architectures are attractions for people that enjoy historical architecture. The Phuket Walking Street is a popular event organized on Sundays at Thalang Road. The whole event is a lively and festive atmosphere, and it is a great place to spend an evening. 

Mai Khao Beach 

Phuket is home to many fantastic beaches where you can take tranquilizing sunbathes, take a walk along the beach shores, enjoy your favorite drinks, or simply party. Mai Khao Beach is more popular than many beaches in Phuket as you can watch airplanes that are about to land at the Phuket International Airport. The best time to witness these planes landing over the ocean is from December to June. 

Cape Panwa Aquarium & Aquaria 

If you're looking for something less thrilling but equally aquatic, the original Phuket Aquarium (Cape Panwa Aquarium), and the newly built Aquaria are awesome places to be to appreciate the beauty of marine life while not exposing yourself to the Sun. 

Big Buddha 

Coming back to less thrilling experiences, a great place to visit in Phuket is Big Buddha, a 45-meter tall white marble statue. Big Buddha sits on top of a hill and is a sacred religious place. 

Upside Down House 

Upside Down House in Phuket is another unique and exciting attraction in Phuket. The house is an innovative approach where everything is upside-down. As you enter, you see everything is upside-down and your brain starts is left baffled trying to make sense of it. It is no less than a maze that leaves your mind thinking. 


One of the most important reasons why tourists visit Phuket is due to the many viewpoints for amazing scenery. These sceneries attract not only tourists but artists and religious followers. Samet Nangshe Viewpoint is a popular viewpoint that offers mind-blowing views. Karon Viewpoint, Rang Hill, and Black Rock Viewpoint are also known viewpoints that offer competitive views. 

Waterpark and Water Sports 

Being an island surrounded by seas, waterparks, and sports are certain to flourish here. Undoubtedly, there are many water parks in Phuket among which Andamanda Phuket and Blue Tree Water Park are the most popular ones. 

Like Pattaya, Phuket is a popular destination for water sports. Sea Kayaking is an easy and relatively safe yet adventurous water sport to take on. Due to its safety and ease, it is the most popular one. Surfing is another popular water sport however it requires training and some experience. Wake Boarding is also popular as it combines jet skiing and surfing. You hold on to a rope tied to a speedboat and balance yourself on a surfboard. 

Image: Surfing


Zipline is a popular adventure sport available in Phuket. Ziplining through the forests of Kathu district with all the adventure and excitement in your mind is an amazing experience. Flying Hanuman is one of the reliable zipline providers in Phuket you can work with. Other popular ones in Phuket are Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Kitesurfing, and Flyboarding. 

4. River Kwai Bridge 

The bridge over the river Kwai holds great historical importance. During the second world war, the Japanese build more than 600+ bridges between Thailand and Myanmar of which this is the only one made of steel. 

5. Ayutthaya 

Ayutthaya is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites for its historical importance. Located about 75 km from Bangkok, it includes multiple ruined temples symbolizing its past magnificence. The city was strategically built in the midst of three rivers to be able to fend off attacks. It was destroyed by the Burmese army in 1767 and the inhabitants were forced to flee. 

6. Sukhothai 

Like Ayutthaya, Sukhothai is also a UNESCO world heritage site and the former capital of the Siam kingdom. Sukhothai was the first capital and Ayutthaya was the second capital of Siamese.

Sukhothai was the center of some of the great hydraulic engineering feats and was rich in art, language and writing, architecture, religion, and law. Internal conflicts and disagreements with nearby states led to the downfall of this great city.


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